Digital Divide/Digital Literacy: Boise School District

The presentation below outlines data collected on the digital divide status of the Boise School District.

I chose to evaluate and assess the learning environment of Boise School District students as it relates to their access and knowledge of technological resources.

I created and sent out a Google form to all principals in the district, as well as some teachers, students, and parents. Analyzing the few responses so far, I was shocked about how divided our district actually is.

I used Google Slides and Voice Thread to create this presentation and realized that VoiceThread was not so scary and difficult to use after all. It is actually a simple and effective tool.


Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 1.19.06 PM


2 thoughts on “Digital Divide/Digital Literacy: Boise School District

  1. Hi Sarah, it was very educational to see your presentation and I felt I got to know a little bit more about Boise. There was one slide that attracted my attention the most and it was the one that showed how most students know how to use Facebook (o’ course) but almost nobody knows how to use Excel, which is probably the most important tool in the corporate sector. If you can’t use Excel, you can’t analyze complex data. Maybe the syllabus of certain courses should include the use of certain tools (MS Office, blogging, video, audio…) in their objectives.



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