Social Media in the Classroom: Projects and Case Studies

Please review my curation of different case studies and projects revolving around the use of social media in a foreign language classroom.

Social Media in a Foreign Language Classroom Curation – Links to external website


While creating this curation, project ideas, challenges, and excitement filled my mind. There are so many project ideas available online for any connected educator to access, modify, and use in their classroom. Some of the ideas I came across during my research include:

Pinterest – Have students create a short story using the collection and organization of Pinterest. Students can do this independently or in small groups. They can add pictures, news stories, art, and videos of themselves signing or others signing.

Facebook – Students can each create a fake Facebook profile taking on the identity (perspectives and values) of a chosen member of the Deaf/ASL community. They can then create a Facebook group and begin discussing cultural issues as their chosen identity.

Social Networking Site – There are many sites available to immerse yourself in a foreign language, having access to native speakers through webcam, comments, photos, lessons and so forth. I have yet to find a site like this for American Sign Language. What a great dissertation idea: create a full immersion site for ASL students.

Some challenges that were brought to my attention include:

Safety – As with any online activity there are chances for cyber-bulling, prowlers, and inappropriate content. Even though I am teaching in a Higher education establishment, I need to be aware of these dangers.

Learner Contributions – In a case study I found, the researchers discuss the challenges that teacher face when students do not participate or take kindly to online learning. I need to be aware of the extra guidance these students will need when incorporating social media into my language class.