Technology Trends in Education: Social Media for the Acquisition of American Sign Language

According to The New Media Consortium Horizon Report for 2014, there are three types of trends affecting education reform: fast trends, mid-range trends, and long-range trends. This presentation will focus on trends from each of these types.

It is my goal with this presentation to propose a project for the American Sign Language Department that will not only follow these trends, but improve the acquisition, knowledge, and skill of our current and future ASL students. This project will effectively manage technological resources while demonstrating appropriate content pedagogy.

The trends to be addressed by this project are:

Fast Trends:
The Growing Ubiquity of Social Media
The Integration of Online, Hybrid, and Collaborative Learning

Mid-range Trend:
The Shift From Students as Consumers to Students as Creators

Long-range Trend:
The Evolution of Online Learning

For in depth information on each of these trends, visit the NMC Horizon Report for 2014

Please view the presentation below. (Captions to be coming shortly!)