Project #1: Static Multimedia Instruction

In order to instruct users on how to set up a GoReact account I decided to use a static multimedia instruction approach. This allows them to see the process and features without having to rewind a video.

This project demonstrates my ability to select and use and appropriate type of technological recourse to support learning.

Learning Objectives:
Instructors will be able to :
– Set-up a new course
– Add student activities to that course
– Navigate and understand activity options

Design Notes:
To make this instruction I learned about the software and as I followed the steps to accomplish the learning objectives I took screenshots.

Multimedia and Contiguity Principles

The multimedia principle advocates for words and images to appear at the same time and the contiguity principle calls for them to be close together so the viewer knows they are related.

I applied those concepts to this document by making sure the text appeared at the same time as the graphic and was close to what it was referring to in the graphic.

Static Multimedia Instruction Project File – Pdf Document