Video Podcast: ASL EdTech of the Week – GoReact Episodes 1 and 2

This assignment was designed to show comprehension and application of the redundancy and modality principles.

Modality – People comprehend better when speech is used with multimedia instruction instead of text.

Redundancy – People comprehend better when one form of information presentation is used (text or speech) compared to both at the same time.

it should also be noted that I tried to incorporate multimedia and continuity principles as well. The multimedia principle advocates for words and images to appear at the same time (an image and a person signing the vocabulary for example) and the contiguity principle calls for them to be close together so you know they are related.

ASL is a difficult field to do audio based podcasts in so instead I am showing application of these principles in a video podcast. The topic of my podcast is American Sign Language Educational Technology of the Week. In this video podcast series, we will choose a new technology each week and show ASL teachers how to use it while presenting some possible ideas for classroom use. The episodes will start by covering account set up and the following episodes will dig deeper into the technology’s features and use in the classroom. Modality is represented by the use of ASL instead of text and Redundancy is represented by the use of only ASL. The multimedia principle is addressed by me signing about what the screen is showing while the continuity principle is represented by the timing at which I explain in ASL what the next steps are showing.

American Sign Language Educational Technology of the Week

GoReact Episode One

Shows how to set-up both a teacher and student account as well as set-up a course, rubrics, markers and invite student to join the course.

American Sign Language Educational Technology of the Week

GoReact Episode Two

This video podcast shows how to set up the first activity in GoReact, how to add a rubric and markers to it, how a student will upload the video assignment, and how to provide feedback to that student using video comments, text comments, markers, and a rubric.