Moodle Course Creation Reflection

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While designing this short course, I kept in mind the idea of Andragogy and how adults come from a variety of experiences and therefore learn better through hands on experience. I incorporated this into my course by having the main assessment be a hands on case study where adult learners would collaborate and work together to solve a real problem. This is the exact environment that they will see in the work place so it, supposedly, should encourage a strong engagement in adult learners — according to Andragogy theories.

When it comes to instructional strategies I wanted to include student-student, student – teacher, and student – content opportunities. I find this to be a helpful strategy when learning new information. I also made sure to align my evaluation strategies with my instructional objectives.

I tried to incorporate cognitive, instructor, and social presence into my course. I used a photo of myself and a conversational tone in my writing to attribute to the social presence of the class and provide for an encouraging environment for collaboration. I set up the course methods and structure as simple and easy to follow to provide for a strong teacher presence. And lastly, I included a group discussion case student to provide for a strong cognitive presence of exchanging information and connecting ideas.

The most difficult part of creating this Moodle lesson was keeping it small enough to complete in a week but large enough to be worth my time. I also found navigating Moodle to be difficult as I have never used the administrative side of things and this LMS is much more robust compared to Canvas. Moodle allow much more control over design and and structure resulting in way more settings then I am used to seeing. To get past this problem I watched many (media-rich) tutorials that helped A LOT.

Overall I think learning the Moodle platform was a really fantastic and rewarding thing to gain form this course. I think all teachers should know how to navigate all LMSs.