Integrating Technology Website

This website houses projects finished during my 541 course. The project page demonstrates my ability to create instructional materials using a variety of approaches. Here are links to the various projects all linking to an external site.


Relative Advantage Chart – Identified pain points in teaching ASL with accompanying technological resources to help student meet outcomes.

Computer Network Tutorial Project – A short tutorial course utilizing an online learning environment

Instructional Software Presentation – Each type of instructional software explained as it relates to teaching ASL along with examples.

Slide Presentation: Fingerspelling – A slide lesson on fingerspelling with an embedded quiz.

Spreadsheet Project – Example lessons and ideas on how to use spreadsheets in and ASL classroom.

Video Integration Lesson Plan and Video Library – A lesson plan using YouTube videos that demonstrate different aspects of Deaf culture.

Using the Internet for Instruction – A lesson plan that requires use of three different resources found online.

Community Building and Social Media Project – A project that requires students to collaborate with their peers and their local communities.

Deaf President Now: Content Area – A short unit that requires students to take a historians standpoint and discover what really happened during Deaf President Now.

Adaptive/Assistive Technology – A list of technological resources to use with special needs students in an ASL classroom.


Please See: Integrating Technology into the Classroom [Project List] for full access to these assignments.