Evaluation Report: Meeting with Stakeholders

An initial meeting was held with stakeholders involved in the implementation of a new software at our school. We collaborated with peers and subject matter experts to analyze the software and design an evaluation plan to see if this software was meeting our desired outcomes. Here is a summary of that meeting.

Meeting With Stakeholders – Word Document



Meeting with stakeholders

I am evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of a program chosen to reduce the amount of grading time teachers spend on providing effective feedback to students on student created language videos.

Leg A = Leg A is a needs analysis designed to identify where stakeholders are currently at in regards to the program. For this leg we had a group discussion with teachers and stakeholders to identify how much time they (teachers) were spending on grading student created videos and providing feedback to students. We addressed how they currently do it and why. We also discussed the effectiveness of this feedback and how teachers desired for their feedback to be more effective in reducing the amount of student repeat in error.

Leg B = Leg B is the planned “bridge” on how to get from Leg A to Leg C. In order to reduce grading time and provide more effective feedback for students (or reduce student repeat in error) stakeholders decided to purchase GoReact, a contextual video feedback tool. Other “bridges” were discussed including a training seminar, the use of free software, and in class assignments instead of student created videos.

Leg C = Leg C is the future goals of the stakeholders. Before beginning the program the evaluator sat down and discussed with stakeholders what their goals and objectives were for the coming semester. The following goals were outlined:

  • Reduced grading time for teachers (efficiency)
  • More effective feedback for students / decrease in repeat student error (effectiveness)

Addressing figure 3.1 Program Cycle in terms of the program I plan to evaluate, The two goals have been outlined by program stakeholders: reduced grading time for teachers (efficiency) and more effective feedback for students / decrease in repeat student error (effectiveness). These were identified by doing a needs analysis of the students and teachers involved in the program. The needs analysis included a group discussion of the current issues ASL teachers a facing. During the program planning phase, the evaluator was present in order to better plan an evaluation of the avenue chosen to address the outlined goals. The chosen avenue was the purchase and use of the contextual video feedback tool GoReact. For the purpose of formative evaluation, the evaluator will have access to data analytics through the software as well as the ability to observe teachers and student using the software. A summative evaluation will be given at the end of the cycle (one semester) in the form of a survey developed by the evaluator.