Video Integration Lesson Plan

This lesson plan was designed to emphasize the diversity of our society as a multicultural community. Videos were chosen to highlight specific cultural aspects of the deaf that differentiate from the norm.

Video Integration Lesson Plan – Link to external website



Sarah Baughman

Video Enhanced lesson on Deaf Culture

American Sign Language 101


As long as necessary for individual comprehension and completion of activities, 2-3 days.

Grouping Strategies:

Students will participate in lesson individually on individual computers either personal computers or through a school or library.

Relative Advantage:

The advantage to using videos to enhance this lesson include: the ability to have access to the visual language through video, the ability of students not only learning cultural aspects but also getting language practice, and the ability to review the material as many times necessary for comprehension.


In this lesson students will watch ten videos related to different aspects of Deaf culture and demonstrate their knowledge by integrating them into a presentation with the purpose of spreading awareness to local communities.


Students will be able to analyze ten different aspects of Deaf culture and create a professional presentation, using any program of software of their choice, to demonstrate their knowledge of these ten aspects.


No applicable standards


  • Access to the internet
  • Access to the following videos:

Learning Activities:

  1. Students will follow the above links and analyze each aspect of Deaf culture covered in the videos documenting their analyses in a Google Doc.
  2. Students will use their own analyses of the above videos to create a digital presentation (using a screencast, a curation, Google Slides, VoiceThread, or some other presentation software or program) that spreads awareness of Deaf culture to their local communities.


Students will demonstrate knowledge of Deaf culture by creating a presentation integrating the ten provided videos and their own personal analyses of these videos. They will then embed or link the presentation on their website, and share it with their local communities.


The videos may be replayed as much as necessary for comprehension and students are able to choose whatever presentation software they are comfortable with.


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