Integrating Technology Website

This website houses projects finished during my 541 course. The project page demonstrates my ability to create instructional materials using a variety of approaches. Here are links to the various projects all linking to an external site.


Relative Advantage Chart – Identified pain points in teaching ASL with accompanying technological resources to help student meet outcomes.

Computer Network Tutorial Project – A short tutorial course utilizing an online learning environment

Instructional Software Presentation – Each type of instructional software explained as it relates to teaching ASL along with examples.

Slide Presentation: Fingerspelling – A slide lesson on fingerspelling with an embedded quiz.

Spreadsheet Project – Example lessons and ideas on how to use spreadsheets in and ASL classroom.

Video Integration Lesson Plan and Video Library – A lesson plan using YouTube videos that demonstrate different aspects of Deaf culture.

Using the Internet for Instruction – A lesson plan that requires use of three different resources found online.

Community Building and Social Media Project – A project that requires students to collaborate with their peers and their local communities.

Deaf President Now: Content Area – A short unit that requires students to take a historians standpoint and discover what really happened during Deaf President Now.

Adaptive/Assistive Technology – A list of technological resources to use with special needs students in an ASL classroom.


Please See: Integrating Technology into the Classroom [Project List] for full access to these assignments.


The Internet for Educators

This site, Internet for Educators (Links to external site), is one that I hand coded using HTML5 and CSS ( I also used a little Java Script but not much). It displays all of the projects I create din EdTech 502. It is a good demonstration of my ability to create instructional materials using a variety of approaches. The following links all open an external website.

Netiquette page: Rules of etiquette for Online communications.

Accessibility hot links page: Links to resources pertaining to website design for people with disabilities.

Copyright scavenger hunt: Learning activity with questions and linked resources to teach fundamental issues of copyright and fair use. This lesson was created to help ASL students learn more about copyright and fair use as it relates to signing music.

Interactive concept map: Information page with an image of a concept map containing hotspots that link to related information Online. This short instructional page is meant to give a brief overview of language choices for deaf children.

Jigsaw Internet search activity: Cooperative learning activity to teach Internet search skills.

m-learning activity: A learning activity designed for use with mobile phones or other hand-held devices. It encourages community involvement and collaboration.

Virtual field trip: A virtual tour using multiple Web pages and multimedia to guide learners through an Online visit to a remote destination.

WebQuest: A higher-order thinking activity that integrates Online resources. Multiple Web pages and a CSS menu are used to create this project.