Mini Documentary: Interview Release Form

These documents were provided to those participants who were involved in the documentary I created. This shows that I conduct research using accepted professional and institutional procedures.

Interview Release Form – Pdf Document

Video Release Form – Pdf Document


Educator’s YouTube Channel

I use this YouTube channel to collect videos and playlists to use in lessons. It is a great place to have students visit who are looking for resources to support their learning. I can collect videos that empower all sorts of learners with different skill levels.

Sarah Baughman’s YouTube Channel – Link to external website

YouTube Playlist Lesson

This lesson focuses on exposing students to our multicultural society through a look at the cultural and medical view of deafness. The lesson uses YouTube media as the source for information.

YouTube Playlist Lesson:

This is a playlist lesson designed to enlighten students, and learners alike, on the current view of deafness in our society and how it impacts the daily lives of deaf people.
This lesson is appropriate for content areas such as Communication, Cultural Psychology, Deaf Studies, American Sign Language, Interpreter Training and so forth. Anyone looking to learn more about our societies perspective on deafness can benefit from this lesson.
This lesson is suitable for learners at the high-school level and above. It can be used in a physical class room, as part of a flipped learning environment or in an online course.
(1) Identify key aspects of the medical and cultural views on deafness.

(2) Examine how the key aspects of each perspective can effect the lives of deaf people.

(3) Evaluate personal perspective on deafness.
This lesson was designed to align to the affective learning domain due to its controversial nature and emphasis on personal values and beliefs.
(1) Watch all of the videos in this playlist. While watching the videos pay attention to the guiding questions found in the note sections on the right. Also, take note of the key aspects of each perspective of deafness.

(2)After you watch the videos review your notes and contemplate the different ways that those key aspects can affect the daily lives of deaf people.

(3)In your journal or on your blog write about your personal perspective on deafness, where it came from, how it has changed, and why.

Feel free to write about your own perspective in the comment section below.