PBL Products and Performances

Candidates manage appropriate technological processes and resources to provide supportive learning communities, create flexible and diverse learning environments, and develop and demonstrate appropriate content pedagogy.

The products and performances page of my PBL in ASL site shows how well I can manage resources to create diverse learning environments demonstrating the same content pedagogy.

Project Based Learning in American Sign Language Products and Performances – Link to an external site


Reflecting on Project Based Learning in ASL

Every good teacher reflects on their actions, decisions, and projects. In this post I am going to brainstorm ways in which to reflect on the effectiveness of my PBL project.

In order to gather as much information as possible there has to be multiple groups of people involved in the reflection. Of course a self reflection and the reflections of the students involved are necessary, but what about reflections from the parents? or other teacher? Questions to ask could be: Were you aware of the project ____ was doing? How often was it brought up? What types of things were discussed? Other people to gather information from would be the audience members of the project. After they watch the presentation, they could fill out a survey addressing what they thought about the project, what was done well, and what could use work.

I think the most simple way to do this would be to send out electronic surveys for the students/ community members to complete. After the surveys are returned and analyzed, I could adjust the project based on the feedback I receive.

This is not something that I would do just once of course. I would re-survey and re-adjust after every implementation as well as during the project when I receive feedback from the participants. Every class will be different so every project should be flexible in order to meet their needs.